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Let Indiana Post Frame LLC Design Your Pole Barn Building Or Garage

Our philosophy is that if you can imagine your pole building – whether it’s a pole barn, a pole garage, or any post-frame agricultural or light commercial building, we can design and build it, custom to your needs. Continue to read about more of our services! service


Free Quote

We start with a free consultation and quote, based on a rough idea of your pole building needs. Our quote won't be the highest, but it won't be the cheapest. Our reputation has been built on quality construction with the ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients while remaining on budget and on schedule.

Custom Design

We know what our crew can do and are excited to go through our design process with you - resulting in creative ideas, minimized costs, and efficient workflows. Unlike other builders, our design process is an extension of the free consultation, to design your ideal post-frame building within your budget.

Post Frame Construction

Our crew has been perfecting pole framing, or post-frame construction services, for generations to build quality pole buildings - whether a pole barn, a pole garage, or another agricultural or light commercial use. Pole barns are known for going up faster, having more custom options, and more space for farming equipment, livestock, and machinery.


Pole Barn Buildings

At Indiana Post Frame LLC we design pole barn buildings for your agricultural needs, space, and budget. We stand behind the best quality in custom post-frame construction. Smaller pole barn buildings can be ideal for equipment storage, hay storage, and livestock housing. Medium and large pole barn buildings are generally used for hay and machinery storage for bigger farms, horse barns, and other livestock housing as well as large agricultural equipment storage.  The beauty of a pole barn building is that you can design the building to fit the needs of your farm or other uses.

Things To Consider While Designing Your Pole Barn Building

Post-Frame Garages

Our Post-Frame garages have decades and generations of quality craftsmanship behind them. Pole garages, garages built from post-frame construction, have a number of advantages over the standard, stick-built garage structure. Pole barn garages typically cost less, take less time to build, provide larger open spaces, and therefore more versatility with your post-frame garage space. Whether you’re considering a post-frame garage to store and secure equipment or for light commercial use as a mechanics garage or for multi-purpose use with additional office space, workspace, or living space, a post-frame garage could be the answer.

Things To Consider While Designing Your Post Frame Garage

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